Helpful Checklist for International Travel

You may be aware of some helpful hints when it comes to traveling, but are you familiar with the tips and tricks of traveling internationally???  Chances are, you’re not.

That’s why Wings Travel has put together the following checklist

that our agents use to keep you safe and informed. 

We thought we would share these tips and tricks with you.


Before You Depart


  • Be Sure You Know about the Destination’s Laws and Customs   The country’s official website can be a great source for current information.  Purchase a good guidebook.  Review and respect the local laws and custom.
  • Confirm the Validity of Your PassportPassports should be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return flight. Some countries will not allow you to enter if it isn’t.  Also carry another form of photo ID, as well as a copy of your passport.
  • Verify if You Need a VisaContact the destination country’s embassy, or visit their website, to determine if a tourist or business visa is needed to enter the country. 
  • Check to See if You Will Need VaccinationsVerify if any vaccinations are required, and be sure to visit the doctor or clinic at least 6 weeks before departure.
  • Confirm Medication(s)If taking prescription drugs, make sure to take the prescription with you in case you need a replacement or a refill.  Always pack medication in your carry-on luggage.  Have a prescription for your glasses as well, in the event they break, or take a spare pair.
  • Make Sure You Have Adequate FundsTake at least two forms of payment, i.e., traveler’s checks and a credit card.  Record the serial numbers of the traveler’s checks, and keep separate from the checks.
  • Have Adequate Travel InsuranceBe sure your policy provides coverage for medical treatment and return home (inclusive of interruptions, i.e., volcanic, etc.). Additional coverage may be required to cover dangerous activities, i.e., scuba diving, skiing.            If you extend your stay, remember to extend the insurance coverage as well. 
  • Driving in a Foreign Country and Auto InsuranceMake sure your driver’s license is current and valid for the country you are visiting. If you are renting a car, be sure to have proper collision and theft insurance and breakdown coverage. 
  • Make Certain that Family and Friends are Advised of Your Travel PlansIt is very important that people are able to make contact with you in the event of an emergency.  Leave your flight itinerary and details of where you can be contacted during your travels.  Be sure to take all of your relevant contact numbers with you. 
  • Copies of Important DocumentsMake copies of your passport (including pages with any relevant visas), traveler’s checks and credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, travel insurance details, any other important travel documents, as well as emergency contact numbers for your country of origin and destination(s).   Leave one copy with a family member or a reliable friend (not traveling with you) and take one copy with you.  Be sure they pack these copies separately from your passport, and traveler’s checks. 


Just Prior To Departure

  • Carry Only as Much Money as You Will Need Each Day — Keep extra funds, tickets and documents in the hotel safe, and keep money and important papers in separate places.
  • Eat and Drink JudiciouslyAscertain if the local tap water is safe to drink. If not, drink only bottled water, plus avoid having ice in drinks.  Only eat food that has been freshly cooked to avoid contamination
  • Know the Rules of the RoadOn the spot fines are common in a number of foreigh countries. (no exceptions for foreigners)
  • Always Protect from MosquitoesIn many parts of the world, it is important to be protected from mosquitoes, i.e., use insect repellents, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and sleep under a mosquito net.
  • Take Necessary Security PrecautionsOnly carry a minimum amount of cash each day and do not bring valuables when sightseeing. Avoid unlit streets at night.
  • Don’t Associate with Illegal DrugsYou should never carry any items through customs for other people or leave your luggage unattended.  Several foreign countries have the death penalty for involvement with illegal drugs
  • Contact Your Credit Card companies and Cell Phone Provider Before You Leave Your credit card company will note your dates of travel, and will ask what countries you are visiting so that your charges will not be decline while traveling outside the U.S.   Many cell phone plans can be adjusted temporarily for international usage.
  • Don’t Associate with Illegal DrugsYou should never carry any items through customs for other people or leave your luggage unattended.  Several foreign countries have the death penalty for involvement with illegal drugs.


If Things Go Horribly Wrong…….


If you or your travel companion is Arrested or Taken into Custody - Immediately contact your home country’s embassy or consulate office.  


Most Embassy/Consular Officials Will:

  • Issue emergency passports.
  • Visit, if you or they have been put in prison.
  • Put you in touch with local lawyers, interpreters and doctors.
  • Contact relatives or friends if you need emergency money or tickets.
  • Notify next of kin, in the event of an accident or a death, and advise on proper procedures to be followed. 


Most Embassy and Consular Officials Will Not:

§         Give legal advice.

§         Pay hotel, medical, legal or any other bills.

§         Replace lost airline tickets.

§         Secure release from prison.

§         Intervene in court cases.

§         Get better treatment in a hospital or prison.


Important – Use a travel provider that offers you 24/7 Worldwide Rescue Emergency Services

Wings Travel provides all of our travelers with country specific phone contacts to use in any emergency situations outside of our business hours.  You always have a Wings agent to contact for help if you need us.